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TwealthSt Tuck is an open-format multi-genre DJ who is excellent at reading crowds and integrating genres. 



Outstanding DJ

"Great experience! Loved the mix of music! Anthony did an amazing job of making party super fun. He was very professional (came one hour before to set up his place), and supportive (accommodated guests with their performance and stayed extra time). Definitely will invite him next time"

- Elena Sapir 


Apple TV Plus
PAVE Global
Hello Alfred
Korean Association of New York Artists
Queens Public Library
Jessica Minh Anh


Anthony Tucker, aka Twealth Street Tuck , is an East Harlem native who began his DJing career as a teenager. At age 13, inspired by radio & mixtape DJs, he began to explore with his mother's record player. He visited the local record shop in East Harlem, where he purchased his first piece of vinyl (it was quite expensive!) and from there he began to experiment. Eventually, he upgraded to a professional DJ setup. In 2003 he transitioned to production and stopped DJing for crowds. After a break, TwealthSt Tuck is back with his multi-genre, open format DJing: there are no limits to the sounds he will play. Throughout years of DJing for countless clients, TwealthSt Tuck has gained the experience and expertise necessary to make the process seamless and the results extraordinary. 

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Celebrations/Corporate Events/Weddings Music DJ

For Inquiries, Email:

New York, New York

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